Musical Care Packages


All Members of the UVA Community and Beyond!


How Does It Work?

These 'Care Packages' are one-song recordings by musicians from University Records and the UVA Arts Community.  

Coming soon: FREE virtual performances for patients in the UVA Hospital fighting COVID-19

Here are the steps to take in order to 'send' a care package:

1. Fill out this form,


$5 of your purchase will go to supporting University Records and $5 will go to the Charlottesville Emergency Relief Fund for Artists.

2. We will make sure that your friend or loved-one receives their 'package' within one week of you placing your order.

Place your order here!

Who Are We?

University Records at UVA is a Contracted Independent Organization (CIO) at The University of Virginia. We provide recording, performance, and networking opportunities for UVA students. During this time of social distancing, we are hoping to bolster and support our UVA community with Musical Care Packages.